Is it your big day at the office or simply your routine sleeveless dress day? At George Carvalho International Salon and Spa in Grand Cayman, our beauty technicians offer hygienic and effective waxing services to ensure your dressing and outing plans do not depend on your body hair!

Our highly skilled experts will make your waxing experience pleasant and virtually painless and offer smooth, sleek, and fabulous skin in no time. So, no more waxing nightmares! Dump your razors and stave off those unpleasant home remedies to keep your body hair-free. You deserve much better than nicks, bumps, razor burns or terrible hair-removing experience that these practices give you.

From your brows to your toes and everything in between, we offer smooth and comprehensive waxing services for women in Grand Cayman. Our aim is to get you in and out in the least possible time. So, get the beach-ready skin at ease.

Our waxing service isn’t just about removing hair, it is a skin care treatment. We use refined techniques and only high-quality products that match our standards. Whether a first-time waxee or a veteran, we will provide comfortable and efficient services.

Let your mood be the deciding factor for your outing or attire, not your body hair! Check our range of waxing services and call us at +1(345)946-1912 to schedule your appointment. You can also book your appointment. Simply complete our online booking form.

Our Waxing Services

Treatment Duration Price
Eyebrows - $15 Book Now
Lip - $10 Book Now
Chin - $10 Book Now
Bikini Line - $35 Book Now
Brazilian - $50 Book Now
Full Arm - $40 Book Now
Full Leg - $60 Book Now
Half Leg - $40 Book Now
G String - - Book Now
Underarm - $25 Book Now
Half Arm - $30 Book Now
Chest - $40 Book Now
Ears - $10 Book Now
Nose - $15 Book Now
Side Burns - $15 Book Now
Full Face Threading - $50 Book Now
Back - $45 Book Now
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