Top 10 DIY manicure for beautiful nails

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Most of us really don’t have time to spend an hour or two on a luxurious salon session, to get the nail care we need, every week. But that doesn’t mean you cannot get healthy, clean and beautiful nails. You may not get to have a salon and spa experience, but at least you could take good care of your nails.

If you love to be creative and have the nail arts done, you can do it yourself. With a little bit of effort and care, and some stuffs lying around in your kitchen and home, you can pull-off a few pretty neat nail hacks. So, check out these top 10 DIY manicure tips:


DIY Nail Care Tips & Tricks


1. Nail decals for a creative you

Now we know nail decals can be expensive. So, if you don’t feel like spending all that cash on it, why not create them yourself. Get a re-sealable plastic bag, nail polish and clear nail polish for a top coat. What you need to do is, be creative and make nail designs on re-sealable plastic bag, with your favorite nail polish, and leave it to dry. Carefully take out the designs after it’s all nice and dry. Place it on your nails and seal it in place with a clear top coat. And you are done in 3 simple steps.


2. For a quick dry

Again, you don’t have to get expensive quick dry drops to harden your polish. You can simply use non-stick cooking spray to do a great job. Spray some of it on top of polish and you are good to go. Plus, the oil also helps you moisturize the cuticles. Win Win!


3. No more tear

I find this to be the most irritating thing when it comes to nails. And you may also be annoyed with it no doubt. But when it comes to tears in our nails, there is, however, a painfree solution rather than cutting the nails. Next time when you have a tear, simply use super glue onto the tear. After it’s dried, buff it and then apply the nail polish. And you are out the door!


4. Remove nail polish fast

This DIY manicure tip is handy when you are in a rush. Get an empty bottle small enough to fit your fingers like a small pill bottle. Now, stuff it with a few cotton balls and then, pour nail polish remover generously so the cotton is completely soaked. After that, simply put your finger in the bottle and twirl it to remove the polish fast and easy.


5. DIY matte

Pour some clear nail polish on a plate and start mixing corn starch into it bit by bit using toothpick. When the polish starts to thicken, apply it on the nails to have that matte effect; make sure the mixture isn’t clumpy before applying, as corn starch makes polish dry real quick. So, once you are done with the mixture, move fast!


6. For artsy nails

To get one of the popular nail art designs that look something like marbling on a turquoise stone, all you need is a turquoise nail polish, golden nail polish and a small piece of plastic wrap. For better results, apply any aqua polish you like a day early, as the polish will be dry and hard the next day for the nail art trick.

Apply the turquoise polish first and let it dry completely. Crumple the plastic wrap to create wrinkles on it. Pat some gold polish on the wrinkled wrapper, and then dab the plastic onto your nails. Voila! You got a quick nail art.


7. Cool design tricks

I know you love to have cool and cutesy designs on your nails, but haven’t got much time to painstakingly design the tiny little things. Well, find a masking tape and get out scrapbook tools to punch in shapes into the tape. Basically, you are creating a flexible stencil.

Place the tape onto your nails, and then, apply the color you want over the cut-out design, where you can see your nail. After it’s dried, remove the tape carefully, showing you the fun nail art.

Whether you want to make a heart, polka dots or a 4-leaf clover, it is your choice. Likewise, whether you want the design on a clean manicured nails, or on another layer of nail polish color, is also up to you.


8. Clean & shiny nails

Some of us just love darker hues and its fun. But, when it’s time to clean up, no matter how much you use nail polish remover, your nails are left looking blackish, reddish, brownish (choose your hue) or simply looking dirty.

First, remove the nail color using nail polish remover. Now, to get clean and shiny nails, mix up 1 part hydrogen peroxide to 2 parts baking soda. Apply the paste on your nails and leave it for 5-10 minutes. Wash your hands to get cleaner and shinier nails.


9. Sugary trick

This one is such a neat trick touse. When you are in a rush to get ready, you may knock down a bottle or two of lacquer. You have done it in the past and will continue doing it in the future, admit it! To save your precious time, pour some sugar over the spill. Sugar makes the spill clump-up, and it becomes much easy to scrub and clean up after it’s dried.

In case it’s just a drop, or few spots of nail polish on your skin, or on your dressing table, a quick clean up using nail polish remover will suffice.


10. Cleaning stamping plates

A quick and easy way to clean stamping plates without damaging the design is to use baking soda along with nail polish remover. First, clean the plates with nail polish remover then add some baking soda over the wet plates. This will buff the polish and make it easy to clean. Not a lot of hard work, right?

Now, even if you only get once a month to enjoy the spa and salon experience, you can still easily take care of your pretty nails with these 10 DIY nail hacks. And, if you got cool tricks up your sleeve for nail care, share with us in the

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