Winter Wedding Makeup Tips
Author: Anastasia Queen |
Winter Wedding Makeup Tips
Oct 13, 2017

June and September brides may have the seasonal spotlight but winter weddings have their own charms with snowy backdrops fairytale style with hot-chocolate toasts and off season rates. When it comes to beauty, sure you may not need to worry about sweat and heat ruining your makeup, but winter weather presents few challenges: dry skin, chapped lips and flyaways galore to name a few issues. You also need to consider winter light.

You are getting married whatever the weather challenges are and you need to shine and be gorgeous so take heed of our tricks and cheats for fending off the elements.

  • With no humidity, you will need to hydrate your skin much more. Donai??i??t try too many new products which may cause allergy and irritation, just swap some of them. Moisturize your face and you will get a perfect canvas for makeup on your big day. Add moisturizing oils to your bath, use petroleum jelly product on nails, heels and elbows and drink lots of water.
  • Avoid SPF products. SPF products give your skin oily look which is pretty obvious in outdoor photo shoots with snowy setting with winter light reflected by snow.
  • Opt for creamy and liquid formulas. The right combination of these formulas will hydrate and provide better coverage in the winter for the drier skin. You may shed tear or two or cry during the ceremony and so consider waterproof and long lasting products to avoid smudging.
  • Wedding day nerves and a chilly chapel can leave skin looking and feeling a little dull. Ensure you glow through the entirety of your special day by using a highlighter to add luminosity to your skin.
  • Dreary light that makes dark circles look darker and puffy eyes look puffier. Create a glow by using a little under-eye highlighter and having a hint of shimmer in your eye makeup.
  • Summer brides have to fight humidity while winter brides also have their own hair challenges. No humidity means hair tends to get dry and dull and static especially when you remove your veil. Ensure your locks remain shiny and frizz free by prepping hair with serum before styling. A dot of serum can even be smoothed throughout your do during the day should any unwanted strands appear.
  • Frosty and fairytale makeup is way to go for your winter wonderland wedding, isnai??i??t that right? Avoid heavy glitter but you can bring some sparkle to your makeup with subtle shimmer or simply let your accessories shine for a look that will stand the test of time. However resist the temptation to sprinkle glitter everywhere and choose just one place ai??i?? your eyes or your cheeks to dab a little on.
  • Consider winter light. Winter light can draw out a spectrum of flaws in your complexion. Because it casts a bluish light, it deepens dark circles and red blemishes and morphs the color of warmer makeup meaning you donai??i??t get a true pigment.
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