Useful Tips For Your Hair Protection Against The Hot Summer Sun, Dust, and Chlorine
Author: Anastasia Queen |
Useful Tips For Your Hair Protection Against The Hot Summer Sun, Dust, and Chlorine
Aug 09, 2017

We usually remember to protect our skin as we step out of the door by applying sunscreens, but we usually forget about one key spot however-our hair.

Hair may not burn as quickly and easily as the skin burns but it does get damaged from the heat and harmful rays coming from the sun. If we skip sun protection, the result could be a dry, dull and a brittle mane. The damage will worsen if youai??i??re swimming because of the drying effects of chlorine and salt. As the sun can get more intense during the summers, we are prone to be dipping into the pools of chlorine water more during this time so the hair has to suffer from hair drying and the hair color slowly fades.

Instead of worrying about the damages that the hair has gone through, start considering these tips before you step into the sun or before you dive into the pool.

Wear a Hat

Floppy hats or baseball hats will help protect your hair from the sun but donai??i??t forget your hair-protection products too as they are not enough on their own.

Apply protective hair products

Coat your hair with protective hair products before you step out exposing your hair to the sun. Choose one that covers all of your hair, or tuck longer locks underneath it. Search for hair products that offer UV protection in cream formula or sprays.

Re-application of Hair Protection Products

Apply SPF products frequently throughout the day for the protection of hair. Re-application of hair protecting products is still important even if the weather is cloudy.

Select the Right Shampoos and Conditioners

Having the right shampoos and conditioners is important for color-treated hair to keep the finish. Avoid products that have irritants and many harmful chemicals in them. Choose products that label to give protection and repair instead.

Put on a Swim Cap

Before dipping into the pool, wear a swim cap so that your hair isnai??i??t exposed to chlorinated or salted water. Before applying the cap, thoroughly saturate your hair with a conditioner that revitalizes hair.

Wet your Hair Before and After Swimming

Donai??i??t step in the pool before you wet your hair first. It is important to hop in the shower pre and post-swim. A pre-swim shower will help avoid locks from absorbing the chlorine, while a post-swim one will help remove chlorine build-up.

Put on a Leave-in Conditioner

It is a brilliant idea to put a leave-in conditioner to the hair before swimming as the hair follicles have tiny holes like a sponge and can soak up the pool chemicals and will damage the color and quality of your hair.

Take Care of your Scalp

When you apply the hair protection products, make sure that you apply it all over the scalp too besides applying just in the length of the hair. Scalps need care and protection too.

Discover the Hair Mask Magic

Try hair masks for your hair so that the entire hair stays beautiful and healthy. It recharges moisture in hair while upgrading shine and vitality.

So you see, we have a plenty of options available here for your hair protection from hot summer sun, chlorine and salt water. Follow these simple steps to prevent hair damage and rehabilitate your hair this season.

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