Hair Type & Hair Care Products
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Hair Type & Hair Care Products
May 26, 2017

Hair is one of the best features that we have and each style has its own statement. We all love shiny, thicker and healthy hair. Healthy hair resembles your gene and lifestyle. Proper nutrition is important for healthy hair. Any kind of stress, trauma, medication or any other health conditions like drinking impure water, eating unhealthy food and smoking can affect hair growth.

Omega-3 fatty acids, protein, Vitamin B12 and iron prevent dry scalp and dullness in hair. Dark green vegetables with their high content of vitamins A and C help with production of sebum and provide natural hair conditioner. Proper and balanced diet is must for healthy scalp which results healthy hair.

Beside our nutrition, we use multitude of products for better protection, cleaning and nourishing our hair scalp and strands. When we go to the market, we see vast ranges of hair care products like pomades, mousses, wax, spray gel, hair lotion, soufflAi??s, shampoo and many more. Similarly, you also see smoothing, volumizing, moisturizing, color-safe, straightening, shampoos and conditioner formulas in the market. The piles of stocks confuse you and you cannot decide the best and suitable product for your hair.

When it comes to choosing the right hair care products, determining your hair type is absolutely essential for knowing which products would work best for your hair. Not knowing what type of hair you got and using wrong products can damage your hair instead of making it healthy.

Hair is categorized by three characteristics: porosity (how much moisture it can absorb), elasticity (how easily it breaks) and texture (how thick it is). This equation takes into account the genetic type of your hair plus your treatment with it like coloring, blow drying, style, etc.

Fine hair (straight or wavy) refers to narrow diameter, needs volume and your delicate hair strands tend to get oily quickly so start by using thickening or volumizing shampoo and conditioners. Shampoos should be clear instead of creamy and designed to clean gently. Conditioners should be lightweight and applied only from the mid-shafts to the ends. Dry shampoos are particularly great for limp oily hair. It adds texture, grip, and bulk to slippery fine hair, and it can be used throughout the day to create fresh lift. For wavy hair, a lightweight mousse can enhance waves and hold hair in place without weighing it down.

Fine curly hair is hardest to maintain. Like thicker curls, they need products that will hydrate and tame frizz. Stick to volumizing shampoo and conditioners made for fine hair or you can also use lather-free ai"no-pooai" cleansing conditioners. These gently cleanse without stripping moisture. Any products with water-based hydrators such as lightweight hair masks can control frizzy hair without weighing it down.

Straight and wavy thick hair has texture to pull off almost any hairstyle. Start the styling process by combing a few drops of styling oil through wet hair section-by-section followed by a small dollop of styling cream. Wax creates rocker-chic on shorter hair and pomade adds texture and shine to long layers. Managing your thick hair starts with frizz fighting shampoo and conditioners.

Coarse and curly hair has curl pattern ranging from S to Z shaped strands. It also has the widest and strongest shafts but is prone to dryness and breakage. Thus, it craves rich hydration. Use ai"no-pooai" and cleansing conditioners and wash your hair just once a week. Seal your hair with heavy oils and coating butters (like shea butter) right after the shower and put it through a pre-treatment with a hot oil treatment to make it easy to wash

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