Bridal Hairstyles Perfect For Your Face Shape
Author: Anastasia Queen |
Bridal Hairstyles Perfect For Your Face Shape
Oct 17, 2017

To be the beautiful and perfect bride is every girlai??i??s dream. Spending so much time looking at magazines and browsing shops for your perfect dress is already stressful. When it comes to wedding day hair, many women will have at some point thought about what style they would opt for after searching through hundreds of wedding magazines. The possibilities are endless and may even seem overwhelming.

However what we donai??i??t take into considerations is that the ai???dos in our dreams may in fact not be the best one to suit our faces and when you are dealing with these photos for life, you want to make sure youai??i??re doing the most to flatter your features.Choosing the right hairstyle for your face is important.You have to know how to work with your features.

Understanding your face shape is a great place to start when it comes to choosing the perfect bridal hairstyle to ensure you look amazing from every angle. Whether you’re round, oval, square, or heart-shaped, there’s a perfect updo and down ‘do for you.

Round shape

If your cheekbones are roughly the same width as the length of your face and your jawlines are soft then you have round face shape as seen in Miranda Kerr, Kristen Dunst. The potential downside though is that you have to work little harder to find more sophisticated style suiting your shape.

Create texture and bounce to slim down the face and break up the shape. Opt for having your hair down in a loose style, preferably with bits coming around the face.Try a side swept long fringe as this can work to break up the roundness and flatter the shape.A sleek, side parted ponytail is elegant and classy for your special day. A half-up, half-down hairstyle keeps hair out of your eyes and slims the face.

Donai??i??t opt for a super straight or sleek do as this can make the face appear even rounder.

Heart shape

A heart shaped face has both forehead and cheekbones wide with the focal point at your pretty pointed chin. This perfect face shape is easiest and flattering to work with, and their easy soft angles gives you more options and can be quite flexible with any styles you choose. Do soften hair by having it loose around the face especially around the jawline as this will help to accentuate cheekbones and add width to a narrow jaw.Try a fringe as this may work well to balance out an angular chin or jaw line. A slightly off-center part paired with braids is a fantastic way to open up the face. Like side-parted waves, a messy side bun will create balance.

Donai??i??t have a hairstyle that gives added height as this may work to make the face appear long.

Oval shape

A oval shaped facehave a prominent chin or large forehead with face appear longer than they do wider requiring little balance to make face seem more in proportion. Think Jessica Alba or Kate Winslet.Itai??i??s important with a long face not to have anything too sleek or lengthy, as this will only make the face appear longer. Do opt for a style thatai??i??s going to break the length of the face up, such as thick blunt fringe.Low side buns are gorgeous on oval faces but then again so are gorgeous wavy outstyles.

Donai??i??t have your hair tight at the sides ai??i?? this will only accentuate length of the face.

Square shape

If you have forehead, cheekbones and jawlines almost the same width, you are square shape. Often this jaw is quite angular and is often slightly wider than your temples and hairlinecreating beautiful corners of the face like on Gwyneth Paltrow and Keira Knightley. When choosing a hairstyle for a square shaped face, you can either choose to accentuate the square-ness of your face or soften your strong jawline. Do add texture, waves and curls to add femininity and softness. Try a side parting as this will help to break up the width of the face. Try a fringe that is low to the eyebrows and cut with longer length at the sides as this will help to balance out the angles. A center-parted low ponytail will soften your angles.

Donai??i??t wear all your hair up in a tight style as this is likely to draw attention to the wider jaw line.

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