Bridal Hairstyles Perfect For Your Face Shape

Author: george carvalho| POSTED: 17th October 2017| Category: blog

To be the beautiful and perfect bride is every girlai??i??s dream. Spending so much time looking at magazines and browsing shops for your perfect dress is already stressful. When it comes to wedding day hair, many women will have at some point thought about what style they would opt for after searching through hundreds of […]

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Winter Wedding Makeup Tips

Author: george carvalho| POSTED: 13th October 2017| Category: blog

June and September brides may have the seasonal spotlight but winter weddings have their own charms with snowy backdrops fairytale style with hot-chocolate toasts and off season rates. When it comes to beauty, sure you may not need to worry about sweat and heat ruining your makeup, but winter weather presents few challenges: dry skin, […]

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Essential Oils For Your Health And Skin Care

Author: george carvalho| POSTED: 27th August 2017| Category: blog

When you look into the ingredients list of your beauty products, you can see all sorts of oils, some of which we canai??i??t even pronounce. Have you ever wondered what and how these ingredients benefits our skin? Letai??i??s discuss about the beauty and skin of some of the essential oils . What is essential oil? […]

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Useful Tips For Your Hair Protection Against The Hot Summer Sun, Dust, and Chlorine

Author: george carvalho| POSTED: 9th August 2017| Category: blog

We usually remember to protect our skin as we step out of the door by applying sunscreens, but we usually forget about one key spot however-our hair. Hair may not burn as quickly and easily as the skin burns but it does get damaged from the heat and harmful rays coming from the sun. If […]

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Nail Art Way To Add flair To Your Personality

Author: george carvalho| POSTED: 1st June 2017| Category: blog

Beautiful hands, soft and slender we all love them. Beautiful hands go along with beautiful nails. Nailsai??i?? shape, strength, and look reflect your persona in a way and shows how hygienic and self caring you are. To have beautiful hands and nails, you have to keep them clean. Unfortunately, our hands come in contact with […]

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Summer Skin Care Dos & Donai??i??ts

Author: george carvalho| POSTED: 11th June 2017| Category: blog

Summer is here and we are gearing up for our vacations and outdoor activities. Our love to enjoy time outdoors will get our skin into a little bit of trouble if you don’t take proper care for your skin. In summer, the sun, heat, humidity and other environmental factors take their toll on skin. The […]

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Hair Type & Hair Care Products

Author: george carvalho| POSTED: 26th May 2017| Category: blog

Hair is one of the best features that we have and each style has its own statement. We all love shiny, thicker and healthy hair. Healthy hair resembles your gene and lifestyle. Proper nutrition is important for healthy hair. Any kind of stress, trauma, medication or any other health conditions like drinking impure water, eating […]

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Japanese Hair Straightening Vs. Brazilian Keratin

Author: george carvalho| POSTED: 8th May 2017| Category: blog

When you have unkempt curly hair, no style would go the way as you want it to have. So how do you get silky smooth straight hair?Do you think you need to wrestle with blow dryer to fulfill your wish? No, not at all. Among many hair straightening techniquesai??i??Japanese hair straightening technique and Brazilian keratin […]

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Author: george carvalho| POSTED: 16th May 2017| Category: blog

Moisturizing is the most important step for daily skin care. It keeps the skin supple, elastic, fresh and younger. Hydrated skin is plump, luminescent and elastic. Dehydrated skin is tired looking, particularly around the eyes. Such skin looks dull and lacks freshness and elasticity. We need to use moisturizers for the treatment and prevention of […]

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Worst Foods For Your Skin & Complexion

Author: george carvalho| POSTED: 28th April 2017| Category: blog

You are what you eat. Food on your plate can dictate about your skin. When it comes to your skin, the quality of your appearance reflects the quality of your diet in many ways. Your food affects your skin positively or negatively. Here are the 6 foods that are the worst offenders you need to […]

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    Extremely welcoming staff and excellent service
    – Kevin Murray

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    Most amazing massage! Wish I could have one every day!!
    – Kate Theron

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    The service was Great! As I walked in I was assisted right away. I felt really comfortable and I must say the hairstylist made sure I was ok at all times and also my kids. I would recommend to anyone…;-) Also, my hair was fantastic after seeing the results. Great job!
    – Crystal Lyn

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    Very good service – i will be back. Excellent prenatal massage. Thank you
    – Roisin Liddy

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    Costumer Service is the best..
    They make you feel important costumer and Dejan is good..
    – Riza Miller

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