Skin Salon Solutions in Grand Cayman

Skin Salon Solutions in Grand Cayman

We know how much you love to take care of your skin, so, we have got just what you need – Tamara Bonnar! She is highly qualified and renowned for her skills in the field of beauty, holistic therapies and cosmetic aesthetics, with over 18 years of experience. Her skin salon solutions will have you looking brighter and beautiful all the time.

Semi-permanent Makeup

Having to apply makeup daily, when you don’t even have enough time to take a breather, is a hassle for many of us. The ideal salon skin solution for this is the Semi-permanent Makeup.

Consultation: Redeemable on first treatment CI$60

Initial Appointment 6 Week Refresh 18 Month Refresh
Powder Brows $425 $130 $255
Natural Hair Stroke Brows $445 $135 $270
Lip Liner/Blush $475 $145 $285
Full Lips $560 $170 $335
Upper or Lower Eyeliner $280 $100 $170
– Thicker $330 $120 $200
Upper & Lower Eyeliner $445 $135 $270
– Thicker $490 $150 $295


Myso Vytal Skin Rejuvenation

Myso Vytal skin rejuvenation is one of the secrets in modern anti-aging science for skin improvement and rejuvenation. Myso Vytal is an effective technique through which you can give time for your skin cells to bolsters up, improve their texture and stimulate their own reproduction of collagen and other nutrients. Keep your skin young, fresh and healthy with Myso Vytal Skin Rejuvenation, and its all natural ingredients.

Meso Vytal MED – The treatment for light wrinkles.

Meso Vytal FRESH – The skin-spa treatment supports regeneration processes with vitamins.

Meso Vytal PURE – Recovers tired skin with amino acids.


If you have those awful warts, tags and harmless skin lesions, and wish you could have them removed easily and painlessly, then try Cryotherapy. Also known as The Cold Surgery, it’s a safe procedure that has provn to be highly effective in freezing and destroying benign skin lesions.

Rejuvi Tattoo Removal

Regretting a tattoo? If you are, have it removed with e-raze rejuvi tattoo removal procedure. It’s an effective way to get rid of those unwanted tattoos from your body. This treatment successfully and completely removes tattoo ink pigments from the body.

Always wake up with confidence, with beautiful skin that everyone is envy of, with our professional skin care services. Book your appointment online or Call: (345) 946-1912. Get in touch with our dedicated team of staff for all your queries. Our skin salon solutions are here to help you get that clear, healthy and glowing skin.

Clients Testimonials

  • Rating: 5/5

    I would rate 5 my experience at your salon. 4 for the professionalism at the front desk. I was very happy with the quality service. I would definitely recommend our salon to a friend. The one thing that I really liked about the salon is: Lia knows a lot about hair! There is nothing that I didn’t like about the salon. Everything is fab.

    -Victoria Brown

  • Rating: 5/5

    I visited the George Carvalho Salon in GeorgeTown Grand Cayman with my mother and daughter on August 1, 2014. We were taken immediately and the persons who attended to us very professional and did a wonderful job. I would definitely go to this salon again.

    -Olivia S. Jones

  • Rating: 5/5

    I was recommended by my friend to go to George. I visit the salon for the first time this week and was welcomed friendly by everyone. George new exactly what I want and I was happy with the end result.  I look forward to my next appointment with George in October.

    -Sam Wilson


  • Rating: 4/5

    George is good stylist.  I was skeptical coming to the island from NYC but he is as on point as anyone from home.

    -William Davis

  • Rating: 5/5

    The only way to find out if a hairdresser did a good job is when you look at the mirror and you see an improved version of yourself. Thank you George for giving me that chance today. You did a wonderful job! Thanks also to Vichu for making me feel comfortable on my first visit. Thanks to all the staff for creating a warm and friendly environment. George Carvalho is the best!

    – Jenifer Evans