Understanding Ingredients In Beauty Products: Key To Skin Care

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Skin care products are intended to keep our skin clean and hydrated. There are various types of skin care products like cleaners, toners, moisturizers, masks, astringents and spot correctors. Depending on your personal needs, you can choose acne removal, anti-aging or dry-skin products.

All of aforementioned personal care products have ingredients but only the promising products have active ingredients for fruitful result. The precise types of active ingredients used in the products are based on the function of the item. Common acne-fighting ingredients might include salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide. Natural anti-aging might contain antioxidants such as vitamin C and E along with alpha hydroxy acids. This is helpful in reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Some deep moisturizers contain dimethicone and petrolatum to trap water in the skin for extra hydration.

All types of skin care products including natural items (products) consist of active ingredients. They (active ingredients) are responsible for delivering the proposed benefits of the skin care products.

Despite the fact, you also need to look out for potential side effects of the promising products. Prescription skin care products have higher concentrations of active ingredients so consult pharmacist or doctor before use. For example, retinols are available in over-the-counter products but prescription strength retinols are used for severe acne. The severity of your condition decides the strength of the active ingredients you need.

The FDA requires ingredients to be labeled with the primary ingredient. In some products, the active and inactive ingredients are listed separately to make consumers identify active ingredients.

Here are some of the active ingredients of the skin care products:
Alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs)

Glycolic, lactic, tartaric and citric acids are AHAs. These chemicals loosen the fluid that binds surface skin cells together allowing dead ones to be removed easily. This fluid gets denser as we age slowing down natural cell turnover.

L-Ascorbic Acid
This is a form of antioxidant Vitamin C. This chemical brightens the skin, increases collagen production and stems free radical damage. This is also popular anti-aging ingredient.

A chemical compound found in sunscreens. It absorbs UVA rays to reduce penetration into the skin. But this ingredient does not protect against UVB rays.

Beta hydroxy acids (BHAs)
This chemical exfoliates the skin and smoothen the fine lines and pigmentation penetrating deeply into pores dissolving sticky plugs of sebum and dead skin. Most common BHA—salicylic acid—is found in most acne washes, creams and peels.

DMAE (dimethylaminoethanol)
This chemical is naturally produced in brains but can also be found in anchovies, salmon and sardines. The chemical boosts the production of acetylcholine which is important for proper mental function. DMAE in skin care products helps in reduction of fine lines and wrinkles when applied topically to skin.

Copper peptide
This product is often referred as the most effective skin regenerating product. Copper peptide promotes collagen and elastin production. This also acts as antioxidants and promotes production of glycosaminoglycan. Studies have shown that copper peptides help in body’s natural tissue building processes. Mostly used in anti-aging skin care products this chemical helps to firm, smooth and soften the skin.

Active ingredients, especially chemical based, poses risk for potential adverse reactions. The list of ingredients in your skin care products will help you to identify the reasons for rashes, hives, blisters and general irritation. If you feel certain ingredients are causing skin problems discontinue the use immediately. Different ingredients can solve the same symptoms so if you are not into using certain ingredients you can use another product with another ingredient to help with your skin problems.

Personal health care products have ingredients but only the promising products have active ingredients for desired result.

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