Tips for All-day (and All-night) flawless makeup

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We hear you, ladies; getting your makeup right at 8 am only to experience a ‘beauty landslide’ by midday is frustrating to say the least. But fear not, with the right products and right techniques, this common beauty woe can be easily avoided.

Patch your ‘face’ firmly in place with the following tips and tricks.

Prime time

It shouldn’t come as a surprise why makeup artists swear by makeup primer. Instead of letting your carefully applied look sink into or slide off your face, you can get variety of primers in the market which act like a second skin for your cosmetics to cling into for up to 10 hours. On top of that, the oil-free formula also helps to fill in fine lines and nourish your visage at the same time.

Blend in

So, for those you who were unknown about this god send technique, you’re in for a treat. Did you know that blending your makeup not only helps avoid cringe-worthy tide lines, it also bonds it to your skin for long-lasting effect? Just use your fingers to blend around the chin and down your neck. While you may be out of time in the morning rush, it will save you from re-applying later. Also, if you want, you can use makeup blenders for better blending.

Tint in

Well ladies, if its longevity you are after, add a cheek tint to your beauty regime. While powder and cream blush are both hard-working color-providers, a gel based tint can really work wonders. Temporarily tint your skin (focus on temporarily), moving for no one but your remover. Choose the right tint for your skin for a double whamming of staying power.

Pout power

I can totally feel for you ladies if your lipstick goes for walk about instantly, as lip color is always the first to disappear from your look. Try using a no-budge formula with fewer emollients than high-sheen lipsticks, it stays put for so long that you’ll even forget that you’re wearing it. And no one can go wrong with the right shade of lipstick that lasts long, right!

Ready, set, go

Now it’s time to seal the deal with the right kind of setting spray. Again, you can experiment and research which kind of setting spray would suit you the best. Choose the one that you think is best for you which will lock your makeup without disturbing it.Using a clear (yet so slightly luminous) formula to seal and protect your beauty. And trust me; it’s the Holy Grail for special events and just as impressive when you’ve got a long day ahead of you. Consider your beauty budge-proof, ladies!

Good makeup products and effective makeup application tricks are the keys to have for Long Lasting Makeup. With the above mentioned tips you can be rest assured that your foundation will stay intact, eye-makeup will be smudge proof, lipstick will stay put and you won’t have to reapply your makeup for the second time.

Lastly, always stay BEAUTIFUL!

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