Stressed? Get a Bamboo Massage

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In this fast world, we rarely have time to fully relax our body and soul. You wake up early; have breakfast and it is already time to get ready for work. You reach office after waiting through heavy traffic, work there and return home late in the evening. You are so tired that you have no appetite for dinner and eat little before going to bed. If you are a lazy bone, then you prefer fast food to fill your stomach. This is your every day routine.

These unhealthy lifestyles with fast food, internet and cell-phones have resulted acute stress in human being. To live healthy life people are looking for ways to get rid of stress. Yoga and meditation are the best techniques to manage stress and strain. Organic diets, natural medicine, essential oils, and herbal teas have become the norm for millions of us. These ways seem simpler, authentic, natural and promising.

Massage is one of the simple techniques to de-stress ourselves. Massage involves working and acting on the body with pressure done manually or with mechanical aids. Massage has been utilized as either therapeutic or as relaxing technique depending on the application and the use of the techniques. In ancient times, massage had been done by medicinal experts especially in East Asia, (China, Japan and Indonesia).

There are 80 types of massage techniques identified in the world so far. Different massage therapy uses different techniques like rolling, rhythmic movements, vibrations, percussions, etc. at different pressure points of the body.

Bamboo has been considered a holistic and multifaceted plant. Bamboo has spiritual, mythological and many practical applications. It has earned reputation for having noble and soft appearance while persevering under harsh conditions. In East Asian nations, bamboo symbolizes strength, fertility, youth, prosperity and peace. In Chinese medicine, bamboo has been used for thousands of years as an herbal remedy. Bamboo massage is also one holistic approach to healing and relaxing ones tiredness.

Bamboo massage utilizes bamboo sticks of varying lengths and diameters typically 4 to 15 inches to provide deep tissue work. Bamboo stalks are used to apply pressure, rolling and kneading tissues in order to stretch the fascia in various directions. Longer and thicker sticks are used for gliding strokes like massaging large muscles such as back and thighs. While smaller and thinner ones are used for detailed work like massaging hands and feet.

Bamboo canes are hard, straight, flexible and light because its outer cell walls are covered by organic silica. This creates crystalline like matrices which has two specific properties: piezoelectricity and pyroelectricity. Piezoelectricity is activated with pressure and pyroelectricity with heat.

Prior to applying massage, bamboo stalks are warmed in a heating pad. This concept is similar to hot stone massage. But bamboo retains heat longer than stones. Cleaning and sanitizing the bamboo stalks with antibacterial wipes.

Bamboo not only provides massage benefits to clients but also to the therapists. It is considered as extended hands for the therapists. As bamboo cane replaces the hands of therapists, this technique offers deeper and firmer massage while minimizing strains on their hands and fingers.

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