How to get healthy hair?

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Who wouldn’t love to have a bunch of soft, smooth, shiny and bouncy hair, right? But the sad truth is, in order to achieve them, many of us use so many products that, inevitably,they do more harm than any good. Plus, when we use these products, we don’t give too much thought on the fact that whether they suit our hair type or not.

If you are having a difficult time getting shiny and smooth hair, while keeping them healthy, and are wondering about the best way to take care of your hair, you have reached the right page. Here are the10 best ways to keep your hair healthy:

10 Best Hair Care Tips for your gorgeous locks

With these hair care tips, you are sure to have those lavish tresses looking and feeling healthy & gorgeous!

1. Healthy Diet & Exercise

Healthy eating habit is what gives you the best hair naturally, and only then, it’s your turn to take good care of that hair. We know that the hair is made from protein. So have a balanced diet that is rich in protein, like leafy vegetables, fruits and whole grains. And don’t forget the vitamins too!

Exercising may not seem like the best way to get healthy hair but it is. When you think about it,getting healthy hair is just a part of the deal for getting a healthy body. It is also important and good for keeping your emotions in balance.

2. Keep It Clean

Now, we know very well that hair gets dirty more quickly, and you like to keep it clean by washing it frequently. While keeping it clean is a must, don’t overdo, as it will strip your hair of natural oils and leave your hair dry. Wash your hair once every 2-3 days, or whenever it gets or feels dirty.

3. Right Shampoo

While choosing a shampoo, get the one that suits your hair type the best. Avoid shampoos which have harsh chemicals like sulfates or parabens. These are neither good for your hair or the environment. Instead, get the one with natural cleansers, which does its job without damaging your frail hair.

There are so many different brands, with advertisements, promoting different kinds of shampoos. It’s important that you do not go after all these, and even the ones used by your friends. Just buy the one that treats your hair really good.

4. Use Conditioner

To keep your hair healthy, soft and moisturized, use a good conditioner. Also, you have to check whether it is the one for your type of hair or not. And, if your hair is way too frizzy, dry and brittle, normal conditioner may not cut out for you. In that case, make sure that you deep condition your hair once every week.

Don’t apply conditioner on your scalp; it will just make your hair feel heavy. Apply conditioner mid-way through your hair. And when you wash, don’t leave bits of any hair product – shampoo or conditioner on your hair after washing it. Clean it thoroughly so that no residue is left. The products have done their job and they don’t need to stay on your hair forever.

5. Using Vinegar

A good way to keep your hair healthy is to wash them using apple cider vinegar twice every year. Mix a little bit of vinegar into warm water and wash your hair with it. This helps in treating dandruff, and leaves your hair looking shinier and cleaner. Give your hair a good wash to remove the smell.

6.  Moisturize

Massaging you hair with natural oils isn’t just good for your hair, but also your scalp. It helps to stimulate blood circulation, and relaxes your scalp. Massage your hair for 4 to 5 minutes, after applying the oils. Be gentle, don’t rub and pressurize your scalp too hard. You can massage your scalp while in shower, or while washing your hair for just 2-3 minutes. This also helps you relax and reduce stress.

7. Massage

It’s not only good to moisturize your hair with natural oils; it’s also great for massaging scalp. It helps to stimulate blood circulation and relaxes your scalp. Massage your hair after applying the oils for 4 to 5 minutes. Be gentle, don’t rub and pressure your scalp too hard. You can even massage your scalp while in shower or washing your hair for just 2-3 minutes. This also helps you relax and reduce stress.

8. Dry Naturally

After getting out of the shower, try and avoid using blow dryer; let your hair dry naturally. Also, don’t brush your hair when it is still wet. Wet hair is frail and sensitive, so they can easily get damaged and break. Brushing your hair stimulates its growth, however, too much brushing can also cause breakage. That is why, after your hair is dry, use wide toothed comb to brush your hair. And remember not to overdo it.

9. No Stress

Getting stressed over every little thing that upsets you is not the way to live a happy and carefree life. Stressing out is not good for your overall health, and it clearly shows in your hair. When you are stressed out, your hair starts to turn gray much quicker, and also, it just increases the hair fall.

10. Enough Sleep

Like not getting stressed over, getting enough sleep is a must, if you want healthy hair as well as glowing skin. Don’t deprive your body of sleep, by partying late nights or watching just one more episode of your favorite show on YouTube. Go to bed on time, and oh yeah, No Facebook, No Snapchat, No Twitter under the sheet!


For me, the best way to take care of my hair is to give it the love and attention it deserves. However, if you are having hard time keeping up with the hair care, you can always contact the finest hair salon near you.

While you didn’t know before how to get that beautiful looking healthy hair, you do now. So, get going for the healthy hair you have always wanted!


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