All You Need to Know About Permanent Makeup

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Tired of doing makeup already? Looking for a permanent fix? Before you jump towards the decision, there are plenty of things you need to know about permanent makeup. Permanent makeup is a form of micro pigmentation, like that of tattoos. And, just like when getting a tattoo, it’s important to do a proper research on the practitioner and what’s exactly being done to the body throughout the entire procedure, before getting permanent make-up.

Do you have to face any risk? Is it really permanent? To answer this question we’ve six things you should properly know about cosmetic tattoos.

Like a Tattoo
To be clear, permanent make up is in fact a type of tattoo. It is pigment embedded into the skin with a needle. These pigments are inert minerals, rather than ink. Getting permanent make-up is like going through a plastic surgery with a proper procedure, so, find a certified micro pigmentation professional who has experience in the procedure.

Side Effects
Well, it does have a few side effects beyond temporary swelling and tenderness. According to board-certified dermatologist, Dr. Jessica Krant, permanent makeup is a real meddling procedure that carries the same amount of risk as regular tattoos.

Applying permanent makeup can cause serious allergic reactions. There are some people who are allergic to natural vegetables. Swelling and blisters from the makeup procedure can cause them serious allergies. Moreover, infections can be transmitted not only from the needle itself, but from the ink too. Therefore, it will be better if you consult your doctor before seeking his idea.

You may want to do a proper research before you go for a final decision. Look around for a reputable place. It will be better if you check out reviews and get recommendations. You need to go somewhere where you feel 100% comfortable. Going for the cheapest thing might cause quality issues.
The actual cost of permanent makeup on your eyebrows might be ten times the cost of even a high-end eyebrow pencil. You want a professional but you don’t need to necessarily pay for a high end salon either so it will be best if you look for middle ground.

Getting a permanent makeup is really like getting a small tattoo. The procedure might be irritating but it is really like getting a small tattoo. The important thing is you need to get certified professional to get this job done. Be careful about the type of cream and other cosmetics you use during the first month. If you want your makeup to last for longer period, consider using sunscreen.

Do not just rely on photos on the portfolio or reviews on the website. You may want to talk with someone who has actually gotten the procedure done. Look for a business license and a health inspection certificate of the company. Also, do not trust every safety level they propose. Even if you find their certification issued by the government, ask them questions. Follow up online.

It’s Not 100% Permanent
Don’t be fully confident with what you’ve got; unlike tattoos, permanent makeup tends to show signs of fading after couple of years. The more it starts to fade, the worst your permanent makeup will start to look.

Have you ever had permanent makeup applied on your face? Share your experience and queries in the comments below.

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