Extensions are used to create volume and length. There are different types of extensions: Brazilian extensions, Fusion Extension, Clip on extensions and Micro Link extensions.

clip on extensions

These clips on are made with weft hair just to give length and volume, are mostly use for one-off occasion then remove.

micro-link extensions

With Micro-Link extensions the extension is affixed to the hair with micro link then lock with a special tool. No damage is done to the hair.

fusion extensions

This extension is done by attaching the extension with a special thread to your existing hair. This is normally done by those who are looking for volume. Depending on how you care for your hair and extension it should last up to six months or longer. Caring for it i

brazilian extensions

For those with thinning hair, the fusion extension works best, the extension is attached to your natural hair with keratin glue. Like the Brazilian extension it can be wash, and color just like normal air. However care must be taken during flat-iron as the glue can be

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Clients Testimonials

  • Rating: 5/5

    Extremely welcoming staff and excellent service
    – Kevin Murray

  • Rating: 5/5

    Most amazing massage! Wish I could have one every day!!
    – Kate Theron

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    The service was Great! As I walked in I was assisted right away. I felt really comfortable and I must say the hairstylist made sure I was ok at all times and also my kids. I would recommend to anyone…;-) Also, my hair was fantastic after seeing the results. Great job!
    – Crystal Lyn

  • Rating: 5/5

    Very good service – i will be back. Excellent prenatal massage. Thank you
    – Roisin Liddy

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    Costumer Service is the best..
    They make you feel important costumer and Dejan is good..
    – Riza Miller

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