Worst Foods For Your Skin & Complexion

Author: Anastasia Queen| POSTED: 28th April 2017| Category: blog

You are what you eat. Food on your plate can dictate about your skin. When it comes to your skin, the quality of your appearance reflects the quality of your diet in many ways. Your food affects your skin positively or negatively. Here are the 6 foods that are the worst offenders you need to […]

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Take Care of Your Skin

Author: Anastasia Queen| POSTED: 26th April 2017| Category: blog

Every one of us loves to have beautiful skin. Healthy diet, fruits and drinking plenty of water is a way for great looking skin. We go through numerous skin care products to get our skin beautiful. Finding a skin care routine that works well for you is like a never ending quest. With numerous products, […]

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Find Right Shade For Right Skin Tone

Author: Anastasia Queen| POSTED: 23rd April 2017| Category: blog

Not matching makeup color with skin tone can result biggest makeup disaster. Makeup is all about finding the right shades for right skin tones. Understanding the real color of your skin is must before buying foundation shade. When you are shopping for foundation, you have probably heard the terms “cool,” “warm,” or “neutral” describing look […]

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Hair Extensions Types & Methods

Author: Anastasia Queen| POSTED: 10th April 2017| Category: blog

Beautiful hair is our prized possession. We care our hair just like the way as we do with health and skin. Balanced diet with plenty of nutrients will help in achieving a healthy lustrous strong and long hair. But sometimes, no matter what we do, our hair may not grow longer than certain length. Hair […]

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Fruits For Beautiful Skin

Author: Anastasia Queen| POSTED: 29th March 2017| Category: blog

Balanced diet is essential for healthy life. It also compliments our skin. Your skin is the reflection of your eating habits. Fruits and vegetables have nutrients that are essential in rejuvenating the skin and make the skin brighter. Using fruits on the skin is one of the oldest, most cost effective and trusted methods used […]

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Understanding Ingredients In Beauty Products: Key To Skin Care

Author: Anastasia Queen| POSTED: 16th March 2017| Category: blog

Skin care products are intended to keep our skin clean and hydrated. There are various types of skin care products like cleaners, toners, moisturizers, masks, astringents and spot correctors. Depending on your personal needs, you can choose acne removal, anti-aging or dry-skin products. All of aforementioned personal care products have ingredients but only the promising […]

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Stressed? Get a Bamboo Massage

Author: Anastasia Queen| POSTED: 22nd February 2017| Category: blog

In this fast world, we rarely have time to fully relax our body and soul. You wake up early; have breakfast and it is already time to get ready for work. You reach office after waiting through heavy traffic, work there and return home late in the evening. You are so tired that you have […]

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Massage: Revitalizing You Physically and Mentally

Author: Anastasia Queen| POSTED: 10th February 2017| Category: blog

You are working nonstop for the whole of the week and even clock in some overtimes to finish the project. This makes you tired as a result you cannot or do not want to carryout smallest house chores. Whatever the life throws at you, catch up and move on. These daily wear and tear take […]

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Remove Your Tattoo and Live Stress Free

Author: Anastasia Queen| POSTED: 27th January 2017| Category: blog

People love to tattoo. They adore their bodies with designs of mythical beasts, birds, flowers and even the names of their beloved ones. But in ancient times, it was considered mark of slavery, rebel or criminal. Tattoo also defines designation in some of the military forces. There are some people who regret for having tattoo […]

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How to Keep Your Skin Smooth and Healthy During Winter?

Author: Anastasia Queen| POSTED: 13th January 2017| Category: blog

Here arrives winter! It brings dry harsh weather which steals the moisture and natural moisturizing oil out of your skin every day. Due to cold weather outside we love to huddle around our heater. This increase in use of indoor heating system regularly steals the moisture from air making the skin further dry. In winter […]

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